Monday’s rain garden project

From one of our current projects, in Eagan, MN

From one of our current projects, in Eagan, MN

We’re working over in Eagan, MN again today.  I’m very excited about the progress we’re making on the tax credits for this rain garden/landscaping project – it looks like the client could save over $500 per year on state taxes.

Check out the border we’re putting in – all natural grasses!

Eventually about half the yard will be transformed, as we are working with the neighbors to take down the picket fence.  The goal will be to reduce the amount of Kentucky Bluegrass lawn and to make the yard virtually maintenance free.

A big concern of the landowner is the preservation of Monarch butterflies, and we will be installing several flowering plants that will specifically attract these migrating butterflies each spring.

Stay tuned!

Minnesota Rain Gardens
1223 Dayton Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55104


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