One of our rain gardens in Eagan, MN

This rain garden used to be a problem area of the yard and collected run-off, becoming swampy - now, it's a valuable feature of the property.

Minnesota Rain Gardens is a St Paul-based company providing water landscaping for private homes and for companies across the Twin Cities metro area.

Run by Executive Director Kathy Mellin Grubbs, Minnesota Rain Gardens has over eleven years of experience in the Minneapolis and St Paul, MN area creating sustainable rain gardens fed by excess rainwater run-off from buildings and landscaping. Grubbs has served as a consultant to Family Handyman Magazine, and her work can be seen at the Como Conservatory Water Gardens.  Minnesota Rain Gardens has created hundreds of landscapes in the Twin Cities over the last decade, including deer resistant gardens, oriental gardens, peace gardens, green roof sheds, rock gardens, retaining walls, pathways, raised garden beds, as well as waterfalls, streams, and fountains.

By managing water sustainability in our gardens and designed landscapes, MN Rain Gardens supports wildlife and biodiversity, provides visual and sensory pleasure, and sustains our climate.  Using sustainable urban drainage and rain water harvesting, we can create rain gardens with options including wildflower and habitat roofs, retention ponds, retention gardens, storm-water planters.  Tax credits are available in the form of waste pollution control incentives, and using our consulting and engineering experience, we will make sure that your personalized solution works with your unique setting and circumstances.

Courtesy of Anchorage Rain Gardens

About Rain Gardens in general: Once created, rain gardens do not require intensive maintenance.  Weeding, watering and fertilizing is at a minimum, and is usually not needed at all.  Rain gardens are not just a functional solution, however – they also create different opportunities for incorporating new plaiting, wildlife habitat and play areas.

Minnesota Rain Gardens
1223 Dayton Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55104


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